November Favorites: Beauty & Etc.

Recently I've been trying to purchase products that are better for me, either by going chem(ical) free or eliminating as many dangerous chemicals from my regimin as possible.
Dangerous chemicals are:
-Parabens, or things that end in "-paraben"
-PEGs, ceteareths and polyethylene
-DMDM hydantoin

Everything is a work in progress and I'm slowly purchasing products that are "better". I find myself reading ingredients now and actually paying attention to what's in my products. Yes, I still eat processed food. Like I said, work in progress. 

Wanted to give you the low-down so you weren't all "WTF?" about my favorites this month. (:

I've been trying to get my skin into a good routine and trying to get it to look better. I used to be really bad about using moisturizer and only used to wash my face at night when I took a shower. Since changing those two things, my skin is SO MUCH BETTER. I learned that the uneven texture on my cheeks was due to them being dry, which I had no clue about before! I can definitely tell the difference now when I have a "lazy day" and don't follow my routine.

This stuff smells so good, plus it's sulfate free. It's gets the job done. 
I'm not putting the conditioner because I'm not sure I like it. It's doesn't leave my hair with that conditioner-ed feel, which I like. I'm not sure if it's because it's sulfate free or if it's just that brand. It's also pretty expensive and I feel like I use too much conditioner to make it worth it. I definitely want to try out more brands. Next on my list is The Honest Co. Shampoo & Conditioner

Baby/ Nanny Stuff

OMG, so soft. I have the Dwiali print. I got mine on eBay for like $35, but I would definitely pay full price. I think they've lowered the prices on them, as well. I wanna say they used to be $50/pack of three. The ones from Target do not compare. 

2. My nanny baby LRT. He's got my heart.
    His parents are pretty swell, too. 

3. The daily logs I made. They're working like a charm so far. 

4. LRT's binks. He cries when he's done eating, no matter what. He also sleeps way better with one, rather than without. He uses these & these. No preference really, but I'm working to figure out what he can keep in his mouth better. Yes, I'm pro bink. I love them so.


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