What I Read in November

One for my goals for Thirty By Thirty was to read 250 new books by the time I turn 30 on August 29, 2020. I thought I'd start sharing which books I read at the end of every month. Nothing too serious, just a way to keep track and remember which books I enjoyed and which ones I didn't. I open to recommendations! 

1. Beyond the Sling (Mayim Bialik, PhD)

     I first heard of this book when my dad got it for my step-mom, they love the show Big Bang Theory, to which Mayim is one of the stars. I made a mental note to read it one day, not for who the author was, but for the principles she wrote about. Attachment Parenting makes sense to me in many ways, but it was definitely something I wanted to read more about. I knew that I like babywearing, and plan on birthing and raising my children naturally in the future. 

     Do I agree with everything Mayim talks about? Not necessarily. I understand where she comes from, they're just not things that I would do mostly because I'm not comfortable with them. My favorite part of this book is that every single thing she writes about she practices first hand with her two children, unlike so many other parenting books on the market. 

I'd recommend this read to any parent (even if they don't practice attachment parenting), nanny or other primary caregiver, and future mamas I know. I also believe that everyone should watch the documentary the Business of Being Born before they have kids. Eye opening, folks. You can find it on instant Netflix. 

2. Pandaemonium by Lauren Oliver

The sequel to Delirium. It takes place in a dystopian world where love is a disease for which everyone is treated. Gotta read the first one, then we can discuss. I refuse to be the spoiler of books. (: 

The only thing I'm quite frustrated with is that the bindings of the books I have don't match. OCD, much? Meaning that I bought Delirium in paperback, but was essentially forced to buy Pandaemonium in either eBook or Hardcover, as the paperback edition won't be released until next year. The author has also released one mini story (about 50 pages, available only in eBook), and another is scheduled for released at the end of December.* The last book in the trilogy, entitled Requiem, is scheduled for release in Spring 2013.

Like The Hunger Games, the first book starts slowly. Its something one has to trudge through in order to get to the good parts! After that you're smooth sailing.

I do realize it's not the end of November yet, but I have a lot of things coming up in "for real life" that won't allow me to start any new books this month. 

* Mini stories are entitled Hana (released) & Annabel (expected release date: 12.26.2012). 

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