Nanny Life: Daily Log Binder

I've found that this is the best way for me to stay organized at work. As L grows, it might not be so detrimental to my routine but for now it is. This way I can pay attention to patterns in his habits and spot any illness or minor allergies he might be developing. I also use this so that I can communicate clearly with his parents and they can tell how our day went. If I feel like an issue has risen, I jot it down in the notes section. I also note his overall mood, that way they can be better mentally prepared for the hours to come after I leave, especially if he's having a "terrible, horrible, no good, very bad day". ;)

Depending on the age group your working with, download and print either the Infant Daily Log or the Toddler Daily Log. I printed fifteen to start, I figure that should last me until I start full-time on January 2nd, maybe a week or two longer. The infant one is two days per page, whereas the toddler log is only one day per page. I tried really hard to make the toddler one two per page, but it was a no-go. 

I'm printing a yearly calendar, that I'm putting it in sheet protectors like these. They stick out from the rest of the pages just enough that they're doubling as dividers. I've been using the yearly calendar printable from Blooming Homestead since last year and think its fabulous. Click here for 2013's Monthly Calendar. They have a bunch of nifty printables that I didn't know about & I totally plan on exploring her blog some more! 

Last but not least, a "week at a glance" type calendar. Out of all the ones I've found, this one is my favorite. I usually just print out the first page (multi-colored) one over and over again. :)  If you print out the entire document it prints out eight weeks worth.

EDIT: I've decided to scratch the idea of the yearly and weekly calendars for the time being. I was thinking too complex, and that's something I don't want. Instead I purchased a standard monthly planner from Walmart. It will sit at the front of the binder, being readily available to both myself and L's parents. I didn't want to take my old idea out of the blog post, for the purpose of equipping those who do need something like that for their charges. 

I made my cover page using Adobe InDesign. I have a lot of fonts on my computer from Kevin & Amanda. She turns peoples' handwriting samples into fonts and I think they're super cute. The one I used on my cover page is called Pea Ellie Bellie. I don't have any pictures of Baby L yet, but as soon as I do, there will definitely be a picture of his adorable self on the cover. :) The covered part is his full name, and I don't feel it's right to share it with the entire world unless his parents give me permission.

The order inside the binder will go monthly calendar, weekly calendars for the month, then daily logs...aaand repeat. I'm doing one month at a time. 


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The link to the yearly calendar is a dead link. Any chance you have another link? :)