Hey, That's Pin-tastic!

This week's Pin-tastic project kind of happened by accident, as I had left over orzo from this meal. I hate when dried goods sit in the cupboard forever and don't end up getting used, plus I needed a side dish and was kind of winging the meal I was making for Joshua last week.

So, um. I wish I had a picture for you guys...
But that didn't happen. J was way late getting to my house and I was SO HUNGRY. So I ate it all up before I could get a picture. Anywho... I made Cheesy Broccoli Orzo. I paired it with Baked BBQ Chicken.

The verdict? It was good, but J couldn't taste the cheese and liked the Parmesan Orzo way better. I was having issues grating the parm for this recipe and eyeballed it, I think if I would've added more it would've turned out how I imagine it would taste, aka like macaroni and cheese.

I wouldn't say this was a total success but we didn't hate it and will probably make it again to see how it turns out. If we don't like it for a second time it will get nixed from our list of go-to meals.


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