Show & Tell Mondays: Cold Weather Acitivities

1. Tell us what you like to do when it's cold outside.
Stay inside. Watch movies. Cuddle under heaps of blankets. Sleep. Eat grilled cheese sandwiches and tomato soup. Sleep with my feet in front of my space heater. Plan gifts (we're keeping it homemade this year). Read.

2. Tell us some of your favorite "winter" recipes.
I don't make anything special, but I loove Green Bean Casserole. I could eat it everyday. Especially the way my mom makes it. Nom nom nom.

3. Show a picture of something that makes you think of the cold. 
Supercross. Takes place at the beginning of January in an outdoor arena, at night. 

4. Tell or show us some of your favorite accessories for the winter.
I work inside and it doesn't snow here, so the only change in my clothing choices are my shoes. I go from sandals to boots. Ugg style or equestrian depending on the day. I also wear a lot more hoodies, VS Pink is my favorite brand. #nannystyle. I keep it simple. 

5. Tell us if you had the option of snow or no snow, what would you pick?
I was born and raised in Southern California, I don't do snow. Freezing to me is 60*. Once it gets below that temperature, it all feels the same to me. It's COLD. 

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