Babywearing: The Basics & Benefits

It's the most fantastic thing in the world, when done correctly. The whole correct/incorrect is a big debate and can be a bit taboo. To me? Yes, there are incorrect ways to baby wear. Most parents simply don't know that there are other options, so they do what's mainstream. Personally, I wouldn't ever purchase or gift a carrier that encourages incorrect form. BUT, to each their own.

I found these graphics, and they show the comparison perfectly. The picture on the left where the infant is supported by the crotch and the legs are hanging down? Those are narrow seated carriers, also commonly called "crotch danglers" in the babywearing world. Too much time in that position can result in very mild to severe hip dysplasia. You can find one of my favorite blog posts regarding the dangers of improper babywearing, right here. In the babywearing community, facing a child outward while wearing them is highly discouraged. Boba said it better than I did, so you can read their post "Nine Reasons Not to Carry Your Baby Facing Out" for reasons why not to.

When supported properly - by the bum and knees, as seen in the image on the right- the spine naturally creates a "C" shape and the hip joints are properly aligned. "At birth, the hip joints are not fully developed. They are shallow joints with very little stability. As a baby grows and develops, the socket becomes deeper and more stable. With proper hip and leg position, the ball (head of the femur) will put pressure at the correct angle in the socket (Acetabulum). This is what changes the hip from a shallow joint at birth to a very deep and stable joint by the time your child is up and running around. If this joint does not form correctly and is left shallow, the ball has a greater chance of sliding out of the socket. When this happens it is called hip dysplasia." [via]

I googled this shit. It's everywhere, including my facebook page. 

Popular narrow seated carriers include: Baby Bjorn, Infantino Flip, Infantino Breathe, and the Chicco Ultrasoft Magic. They're widely available in big box stores like Target, Buy Buy Baby, and Babies R Us. 

Babywearing is incredibly beneficial to both baby and mama. Skin to skin with a newborn can help establish milk supply and regulate the baby's temperature. It helps calm fussiness and prevents overstimulation. It allows moms, dads, and caregivers everywhere to snuggle fussy babies whilst still keeping up with chores and other duties they might have. 

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