Babywearing: Where to Buy

If a brand or store is based in the US, I'll buy directly from their website. However, a lot of companies are based in Europe, bringing up the issue with customs and the extra shipping charges. Not exactly a favorable position to be in as a customer. Thankfully there are plenty of US retailers to purchase from instead!

Popular Brands:
Stretchy Wrap- Moby, Boba, Wrapsody Bali Stretch, Baby K'tan
SSCs- Ergo, BobaBeco, Tula
Ring Slings- Maya Wrap, Snuggy Baby, Comfy Joey
Mei Tai- BabyHawk, Infantino, Connecta

Favorite US Retailers: PAXbaby, Risaroo, Granola Babies

I included the links to brand websites because there are times when a company will make a wrap exclusively available on their website, even if they're over seas. This is an often occurrence for brands like Natibaby and Kokadi. These wraps often become "hard to find" and "highly sought after" on the Babywearing Swap and their value skyrockets.

You can find a blog post dedicated to Splurge vs Budget Babywearing here.
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Ashley Lee said...

I had the infantino mei tai carrier & i LOVED it!

Ashley said...

Love this!! Thank you now I can look for a ring sling!!