My Blog is TWO!

My blog is totally a toddler now, I went from baby blog to toddler blog. I'm just glad she doesn't have the attitude to match her age. ;) I'm still in charge around here.

Do you ever go back and read your first few posts? I don't, but feel like I should even though I know I'll be so embarrassed. Haha. I'm sure my writing has come a long way over the past two years, and can even tell a difference even when I look at posts from last year. I love that the more I write, the more my writing turns into my voice and my personality can be read instead of sounding like a text book. You feel me?

Now that I've been documenting my life on the interwebs for two years, I thought I should probably start investing and sponsoring some of my favorite blogs. Obviously my budget is limited, but the even harder part is narrowing down the possibilities! This is what I want to know, how do you decide who to sponsor every month? Do you always sponsor the same blogs, or do you switch it up?

Happy Birthday, Three B's! 


Lizzy @ Lizzy's Luggage said...

I'm actually not sponsoring anyone right now (mostly because I'm broke), but I usually try to sponsor at least 2 blogs a month. I like to switch it out when I find new blogs that I really like and want to sponsor. :D Sometimes I'll sponsor for more than a month, but it's more fun to find new blogs!

Congratulations on turning TWO :) My blog will turn 1 in November! I've got a little ways to prepare for the momentous occasion :D

Ashley said...

I go back and read old posts on my blog. I live seeing how my voice has changed and how much more open I am becoming on my blog. Sometimes it's hard for me to incorporate my humor into my writing since no one can hear my tone. But I do like to make jokes!!