Babywearing: Types of Carriers

Now I'm gonna share the good stuff. There are many different types of wraps and carriers that I have to give them their own post. I'm going to try and keep it clear and concise, but we'll see how that goes. This post is meant to be purely informational, as I tend to be long winded with my opinions. I will share my favorites and unfavorites in a later post. :)

Stretchy Wraps- While similar in style to woven wraps, these are made of stretchy cotton. They are a long piece of fabric approximately 15 feet long that you wrap around yourself. According to the websites, these wraps are suitable for children up to 35 pounds, although it's not something I would do. These wraps are meant to only be worn on the front only, no back carries! 

Woven Wraps- "A Woven Wrap is called a WOVEN  because it is loomed (by hand!) by a skilled weaver..." [via] These puppies come in different sizes, starting at a Size 2 (2.7 meters or 8.86 feet) and going all the way up to a Size 8 (5.6 meters or 18.37 feet). In order to decided what size wrap to buy, take into consideration your size as well as what type of carries you want to do. Most woven wraps are weight tested to max out at 45 pounds, can be used with front or back carries, and there are lots of different ways to wrap. It's all based on personal preference.

Soft Structured Carrier (SSC)- A soft structured carrier, or buckle carrier, is a beginning babywearer's best friend. Easy to use and quick to put on and take off. Nothing to tie or wrap. These carriers can be worn on the front or back and typically suitable for children up to 45 pounds.

Mei Tai- The Mei Tai carrier is a traditional Chinese style carrier with a rectangle panel of fabric in the front, unpadded waistband and straps, both of which that tie. Can be worn on the front or the back. Mei tai carriers can also be made of woven wraps, called wrap conversions. More on this later. 

Ring Sling- A ring sling is a type of carrier that only has one panel of fabric and two metal rings secured to one end. Weaving the extra fabric through both rings, then back through one of the rings is what keeps the fabric "locked" and from becoming loose. These can also be wrap conversions. There are often two types of shoulders sewn, gathered and pleated. 

Wrap Conversion: A wrap conversion is when a woven wrap is purchased, then made into a ring sling or mei tai by a specialty company such as Sleeping Baby Productions and Shiny Star Designs.

Water Sling: Made to be used in the water (duh), and come in wrap or ring sling and are only to be worn on the front or hip. Find one at: BabyEtte or Sleeping Baby Productions.

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Note: There are many more places and brands of wraps/carriers that can be purchased. I am just sharing the brands I know about and are popular. I am not a babywearing expert, by any means. 

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