5 Kickass YouTubers You're Missing Out On!

I love YouTube. I don't have a TV in my room, so I use YouTube, Netflix, and Hulu+ to make up for it. And let's be real, the only reason I have Hulu is so I can watch Bones. I'm also getting into The Blacklist, but I'm behind at the moment. We'll see how much I like it after a few more episodes. Josh and I each pay for one account and share passwords, also known as the most genius way to do things. Now, lets get back to the real reason we're here. YouTube! I subscribe to thirty-five channels, but I'm going share five of my favorites with you today!

1. dailyBUMPS with Brian, Missy and Oliver. Brian and Missy share their daily lives, the ups and the downs, with their subscribers. Before their son Oliver was born earlier this year, they had one loss and one stillbirth. I'm enjoying keeping up with them and watching Ollie grow, but since he's super cute that isn't a problem. They live in a multigenerational household in Southern California and I love that about them! Missy also has her own channel called Bumps Along The Way.

2. Alex G. This girl is so crazy talented. I don't listen to too much music on YouTube, but she's one I subbed to instantly! Some of my favorite covers include Royals by Lorde, and Blurred Lines by Robin Thicke. I don't like the originals of either of those songs, but her covers are absolutely fantastic!

3. Beauty Broadcast with Emily. Emily is a news anchor turned beauty guru. She's absolutely amazing at what she does, and I love that everything she talks about is straight forward. If she doesn't like something, she says so. She's thorough but to-the-point and I absolutely love that. If I'm ever curious about a product, hers is the channel I turn to. Emily also has a 2nd channel called Beauty Broadcast Express, that made up entirely of reviews that are all five minutes or less!

4. JacksGap with Jack and Finn. These guys are awesome. They spend their time and the money they make through YouTube to travel the world and make films. They're using their popularity and presence on social media to change the world, which I think is totally amazing. Although they don't post that often, when they do it's the first thing I'll watch in my subscription box.

5. Plus1please with Colby, Kelsey and Nolen. I stinkin' love this family. Nolen is the cutest toddler ever, so full of mischief and character. Kelsey is super relatable, and real. They just announced that they lost their second baby and I love that Kelsey is so will to be raw with her viewers so other women who've also suffered losses know their not alone.

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