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Oh man. I'm tired and daily naps have been a requirement, and even so I'm barely making it through class at night. Yes, I said naps. Just remember you get breaks, I don't. You feel me?  Tomorrow is my last day of work for the week

Lately L has been throwing all the tantrums. Yesterday there were too many to count. Today was much better at a total of three, even with a delayed nap. We've definitely hit the phase where he has opinions and knows what he wants, but can't communicate with me. It's frustrating for both of us, but I know it will be over soon. He's already got a few words, his favorite one being "more". Of course. 

L is also getting his seventh tooth, and I'm sure his molars will start pushing soon. I'm bring out all the stops. I'll be placing an amber order soon even though he already wears one necklace, and have been researching teethers out the wazoo. I'd rather be over prepared than under prepared, especially in that situation.

I made the decision to drop my Biology Lecture class. It totally sucks, and I really hoped that I'd be able to take two core classes whilst working full-time successfully, but it wasn't happening. I also think that because I need to pass my math class, biology was taking a back seat. I'm going to retake it next semester so I can focus on it wholly.

Christmas is coming, FAST. I'm trying to decide what to get everyone and I quite honestly have no clue, with the exception of a few people. A few being two. Have you planned ahead, or are you on the struggle bus like me?

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Ashley said...

I have been abnormally tired this week too. I wonder what it is. Do you purchase all of these child items (wraps, carriers, shoes, teethers, amber necklaces) to have in your arsenal for your next nannying job or are they gifts for L? Or does his family pay for them?