Babywearing: My Stash & Wishlist

Here it is- the last post in my Babywearing Series! I asked on Twitter if you were interested in seeing what I had in my stash and what was on my wishlist. You said yes! So here it goes...

 My Stash:
1. Kokadi Tosba WCRS, made for me by Emily. This carrier is my go to for doing quick things like walking to the park, running into the grocery store, or going to the library.
2. Kokadi Polarstern, size 5. The carry shown in a Reinforced Ruck. This wrap is in my perma-stash, meaning it will never leave. I love the colors so much, and feel like it fits my personality to a T!
3. Beco Soleil in Luca Black. I received this carrier at MommyCon LA, it's been on my wishlist since it came out and I'm thrilled to finally own one!
4. Earthy Bliss Wrapture in Barberry. Tied with a Lexi Twist. This was my third carrier. I love it a bunch, but haven't been reaching for it lately. It's actually posted on the swap, but I'm debating dating it down.
5. Girasol Mocha Berry, size 4ish. The carry shown is a Rucksack. This was my 2nd carrier, right after an Infantino Mei Tai. I've only heard about one other person having one. This colorway was an exlusive for a single store in 2009. It's here to stay as well. :)
6. Beco Soleil in Metro Black. One of the guys from Beco gave this one to me when I had to do nanny drop-off at their headquarters. I used to have a Boba Air on my list, but this has taken it's place. I plan on having the detachable hood embroidered with the phase "#nannylife". :)

My Wishlist:
1. Kokadi Ahoi v3, size 6. This isn't on my wishlist anymore! It's been pre-ordered, paid for, and woven- it's shipping from Europe next month (so I hear)!
2. Didymos Purple Owls, size 3. I've been in love with this wrap ever since I watched this video. I need to be able to that carry! 
3. Toddler Tula in Set Sail. Okay, so I'd really like to be able to get my hands on a Tula wrap conversion, but they're sold by random draw and are only stocked once a week. They sell out in seconds, literally. They're also unbelievably marked up on the swap & I don't know about you, but I'm not paying more than what I have to for what I want. I shall wait patiently and settle on this canvas one for now. ;)

Do you have a going wishlist? What's on it? Share with me on Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram!

I had a wonderful time sharing all my babywearing knowledge with you. I hope I taught you something new! If I did, share my posts with your friends so they can babywear too. Happy Babywearing!
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