Nanny Life: Infant Daily Log

Update (1.29.2013): To see how I utilize these daily logs at work, head over to this post

I've found that one of the most useful things that I've learned since becoming a Nanny is to keep a daily log of what happened during the day; including everything from activities to diaper changes and the times they happened. For infants, this is crucial. The first indication of illness is a change in appetite, lethargy, and lack of dirty diapers.

Parents appreciate that you're keeping a track record and that they can refer back to a certain day if they need to. Most Daily Logs include a 'notes' section. I use section this to note anything I think that the parents might need or want to know, normally things that don't seem quite normal, a fun activity we did, or a milestone that my charge is working on.

There are A LOT of different options to choose from in regards to Daily Logs that are floating around the Internet. Some sucked, and others I tried to work with, but in the end I couldn't find anything that fit my style and included everything I needed it to.

So I decided to make my own & thought I'd share them with you! It's nothing fancy, but it serves the function it needs to in an organized way.

The first one I'm releasing is the Infant Daily Log. Meant for an infant still relying 100% on breast milk or formula. All you have to do is click the link to view it & you should be able to download or print it from there. I will be releasing more logs for different age groups in the weeks to come!


If you're having problems downloading or viewing it, please email me and I can send you the PDF document.
*Do not crop or alter the file in anyway. Please give credit where credit is due.*


kristine parrish said...

I want to give you a special thanks for being a nanny! It takes a strong, caring heart to do what you do. Those parents are lucky to have you!
Your daily log looks perfect, our daycare uses a similar format and it means so much to us, parents, to review it each day.
Found you through 20goingon80, looking forward to following along!

Kate said...

I am back to using a notebook even though H is almost 3. I email MB throughout the day (including a full morning, lunch, nap recap during nap time) but when DB comes home to relieve me he is often distracted or I am in a hurry. Then he forgets what I told him or I forget to tell him important things. I am hoping the notebook will help with the switch off at night