5 for Five

I didn't participate last week, due to my unexpected hiatus. It was much needed, and well worth it. Sorry I didn't tell you. :)

This Week:
1. Keep up my water intake. I've typically been drinking 48oz or more of water a day. I got a new lid for my water bottle, so I'm attributing it to that.

2. Get my snail mail sent. I need to buy more stamps in order to do this! Disappointed that they took the stamp vending machine out of my local post office.

3. Wash my makeup brushes. They need it, bad.

4. Research the products I need to on the EWG Cosmetic Database. I have a going list and need to decide on a face wash and laundry soap in the near future.

5. Make an appointment at the GeniusBar at the Apple Store. My MacBook is beginning to have issues charging. From everything online I've read it's only a matter of time before it completely gives out.


I have a lot more goals, but those are the most important ones!
What are your goals for this week?


Rebecca and Lori said...

Good luck with your goals for this week. I need to wash my make up brushes too- maybe I'll steal your goal and make it one of my own!
Have a great week.

Ashley Lee said...

I rarely remember to wash my makeup brushes! :P && then I wonder why I keep breaking out!!!!