Handbell Sub: Weekend Shenanigans

Remember back when I said if I did something exciting over the weekend, I'd share it? Well, a few weeks ago, my dad asked me to be a sub in the handbell choir he directs for his church. It was the ensemble's first performance in front of the congregation and it was televised! 

I only had two full rehearsals, about two and a half hours total, to become familiar with the pieces we were playing, so of course I was super nervous and just wanted to play and get it over with. I think it went pretty well. It not a well known fact, but I played the handbells for a few years in middle school. Ta-da!

Gotta love crappy church lighting. Just kidding, they make for an editing nightmare. Also, props to my paparazzi mother who was sitting behind some tall ass dude and still managed to get decent pictures.

 photo elise-siig_zpsaf5d097b.jpg

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