New Blog Design & Happy November!

Have you noticed something different around here? Yepp! I had my blog design redone, I've been making some changes around here and a new design was one of them! I absolutely LOVE it and had such a fantastic experience with Brielle from 3 Eleven Designs.

Now for my inspiration...
My favorite wrap is my Kokadi Polarstern, pictured below. I sent a picture of the wrap to Brielle and told her that those were the colors I wanted and she did an awesome job at matching them!

As for fonts? I fell in love with Brooklyn's blog the first time I saw it, and she's actually the reason I chose Brielle as my designer. I told Brielle that I wanted to use the same fonts that Brooklyn's blog has, but in different ways. She accomplished everything I asked for, and more! Thank you so much Brielle!

You guys, it's NOVEMBER! How are the holidays beginning to happen already?! I'm so excited to start Christmas shopping! Maybe I should already be done, but I'm not. Oops! #sorrynotsorry

If you follow me on any sort of social media, you'd know I got an iPad Mini yesterday. Well, now I need your help- I want to know what your favorite apps are! I'd like to add a few toddler oriented ones onto it just in case, but am looking for mostly adult ones. I've already added a few of my favorites, but I want to know what your must haves are! :)

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