My Christmas Wish List

It's finally that time! Christmas will be there in just over a month and I've finally compiled my wish list. There are a few more things I want, but that I'd rather pay for myself, like a pair of Lululemon pants and one of their half zips. The workout class I've been going to starts at 5:15a and is outside. It's only getting colder and Lulu stuff is made for cold weather activity. It also seems that the older I get the longer it takes me to compile my list, aaand the more expensive the items on it become. Quality over quantity?

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Clockwise from left:
1 // Kelly Moore 2 Sues Bag- I've had my camera for almost a year and I still don't have a bag for it. I'd also gladly take this Jo Totes bag instead. But omg, the 2 Sues would be a perfect everyday bag. Big enough for my camera, iPad Mini, and a few other misc. things I carry at work. 

2 // Tiffany & Co Narrow Twist Ring-  I've been wearing a left hand ring pretty much since J and I started dating almost four years ago. They've always been pretty inexpensive and get worn out really quickly, so this one would be my third (I think) and final ring. I know that I would be able to take this baby back into any Tiffany's store and they'd take a great deal of care in cleaning it. Note: I tried on this ring over the weekend and didn't like it on my finger. I'm on the hunt for something else. :)

3 // VS Pink Yoga Leggings- My go to work pants. All of mine are getting really worn out in the butt and crotch. These are a must buy, even if I don't get them for Christmas! 

4 // Glass Food Storage Containers- I've been wanting to transition over to glass for a really long time, but it's so much more expensive than plastic. But considering how often I eat left overs, I need to make the transition a priority. 

5 // Vera Bradley Large Duffle in Heather- I have a few other items in this print and I love it. I have a large duffle that's from another brand that I've been using for like ten years, it needs replacing. 

What's on your Christmas Wish List? I'd love to know! 

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