Vehicle Emergency Kit for Toddlers

Last summer, I created a Vehicle Emergency Kit for Preschoolers. The child I was watching at the time was four, and was likely to need items like bandaids, clean underwear or socks, etc. in a pinch. When I decided to build one for L, I decided to keep the word emergency at the forefront of my mind. I wanted to make sure I was ready for anything.

With preschoolers, they typically understand if something has happened and there is no food right now, they have to wait for a little bit, or that there is only a certain amount so they have to share. With infants and toddlers, and especially with L, that's most definitely not the case. Unlike my preschool kit, I made sure to include nonperishable food and water in this one. So that if something were to happen and L was with me, he would still be able to eat and we would have water.

I purchased two Sterilite Latch Boxes from Walmart, which work perfectly in this situation. The first bin contains various pouches and fruit snacks, as well as a pack of baby wipes. When picking pouches, I made sure to choose ones that had at least two grams of protein and bought a variety of flavors. I had a few coupons from MommyCon LA, so I decided that it would be a perfect time to buy what I needed to get this thing done.

I also felt it necessary to make sure I carried plenty of clothing with me. Remember, I'm thinking emergency here. I purchased a 3-piece set from Carter's that was on major sale, and also added a pair of leggings from Target, a sweatshirt from Walmart and a pair of mesh shorts from Walmart into the box. I wanted to be able to layer everything on at once if I needed to. I carry extra socks in my diaper bag at all times, so didn't feel the need to pack any. 

The second box also contains: a prepackaged emergency kit, sunblock, vaseline, infant pain reliever and a syringe, itch relief cream, eye rinse, a flashlight, pacifiers, antibacterial wipes, and hand sanitizer.

I also store water bottles in the door cup holders and both boxes are kept in my car at all times. The one with food lives under the floor in my trunk, in the same compartment as my spare tire as to keep it cool and dry. The one with clothes and medication lives under the front passenger seat with the clothing side facing out.

Do you have an emergency kit in your car? What's in it? I'd love to know if you keep anything different in your kit than I do in mine!

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