After Christmas Coma

It's the day after Christmas, and Joshua and I are getting ready to celebrate Christmas number three out of four. Oh, the joy of us both having divorced parents. No really, it's fun to keep getting to celebrate after the real holiday is over. :) We plan on celebrating with my mom on Sunday when we get home. 

This year we both made out like bandits and we're so thankful. I got three new pieces from Vera Bradley to add to my collection, Joshua got a new computer, and we both got a bunch of gift cards and sets of movie tickets. And to think it's not even over! 

I hope your Christmas was filled with love, fun, and good times with the ones you love. I love picking out and giving gifts but my Vera Bradley items were definitely my favorite to receive this year. They're being used as we speak and are perfect so far.

What is your favorite gift that you received this year? 

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