Win a Custom Blog Design!

If you've been around my little corner of this here internet for a while, you'd know that I had my blog design custom made a few months back. Melissa, who designed my blog, is offering a contest for a custom made blog design (a $275 value). If you don't win, she offers an array of pre-made designs and other goodies in her shop

If I was in need of a design, I'd totally be entering. But alas, I don't need or want one. 
Click the button below to find out more and enter! 

Melissa is also having a special on business card design! If you're in the market for business cards, you can check that out here. I'm in the market and have been waiting for her to announce this special for a few weeks. 

I just wanted to note that I am not being compensated in any way for sharing these specials with you guys. I wholeheartedly think that not only is Melissa's work incredible, but she is incredibly helpful throughout the entire process and makes your vision come true. I went in not knowing what to expect or what I wanted, but she made it happen.  

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