It's a Nanny Life Christmas!

...and it's time to buy your nanny baby and his parents gifts. Say what? So, what do I buy? 
At first, I was at a loss. I've only been working with them for a short time and didn't feel like it was my place to get them something too incredibly expensive. 

Baby L- 
A baltic amber necklace from Inspired by Finn. My first purchase from Inspired by Finn was for my best friends son, who we call B. He used to be a horrible teether, and would be so grumpy that they'd have to stay home. He's been wearing it now for about seven months and refuses to take it off, and if you ask him where his necklace is he'll show you proudly. I prefer the look of polished beads, which is what I will be purchasing for L. I'll be getting him the 11.5" Polished Butter & Honey.

I love the quality of their amber and won't buy from anywhere else. I know their products are of the utmost quality, and are geniune baltic amber. I can't rave enough about the quality of the necklace I purchased. It's knotted between each bead, preventing beads from flying everywhere in the case that it accidentally breaks. Their necklaces fasten with a screw clasp, and contain no metal. To learn more about Baltic amber, view more information here.

Coupon code for Inspired by Finn: click here.

B's necklace is a 12.5" Polished Amber Four Different Round

L is also getting a Cuddle Blankie from Whimsyboo Baby. He sleeps with a fuzzy blanket touching his face, and we carry it everywhere with us. I have heard amazing things about their products, especially their bath towels! All their products are made with organic bamboo velour, which not only makes them super duper soft, but eco-friendly and biodegradable, as well. 

The Bosses-
Still debating on this one! Either a bottle of wine, or a movie gift card and free babysitting. Leaning towards the latter, mostly because I know they'll be getting lots of wine for Christmas from other people.

What are you getting your nanny kids for Christmas?

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