Nanny Life: Infant Diaper Bag

My Diaper Bag- Petunia Pickle Bottom Glazed Boxy. I can't find the print I have anywhere, leading me to believe that it's an older print. This is my favorite from the current collection. I also think the Scout by PPB bags are awesome and much more gender neutral, which is a quality I choose to look for in my diaper bags. If you like PPB but aren't willing/can't afford to spend the money on a full price bag, Craigslist and PPB's Outlet Page are your best friends!

That being said, I'm in the market for a new bag! I LOVE my Petunia Pickle Bottom, but am looking for something with shorter straps (think crook of the arm fitting types), because I like to wear L in a carrier when we go out. We went to the mall the other day & I ended up leaving everything in the car because I didn't know what to do with my bag since I normally wear it cross body style. Send me your recommendations! (:

The Contents:
* L is only three months old and still very much in the newborn stage on life. The car puts him to sleep, no matter what. He's only awake for an hour or so at a time and still takes three or four naps a day. I implemented the "eat, play, sleep" schedule from the very beginning and he does really well with it.

Diapers: I try to have four with me at all times, just in case.

Wipes: I have a full sized pack with me right now, but would normally carry the Huggies travel pack. I also carry bink wipes and individually packaged boogie wipes.

A+A Blanket: I'm currently carrying the diwali print bamboo ones.

Two outfit changes: Typically one Carter's matching set and one sleeper. I also carry a few pairs of socks.

Feeding Items: a water bottle, pre-measured formula in a dispenser, bottle with 4oz water in it. If we're gonna be gonna for a feeding I gotta bring the goods. That boy is on a schedule like whoa, unless he's sleeping. He eats 4oz every 3ish hours during the day.

Binks: We have been playing around with different binks to see what type L can keep in his mouth the best, we tried both Nuk and Mam. He uses the Mam Air Silicone. He has the blue set, and is getting this from me for Christmas.

I also carry stuff for me: a pen, my wallet, phone and snacks. Because a hungry nanny makes for a grumpy nanny.

Is there anything you carry that I don't? Let me know!

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