Show & Tell: My Christmas List

This week we're supposed to be showin' off our Christmas lists. My have a short but expensive list, and in all reality I doubt I'll get anything on it. But? If money were no object, these are the goodies that'd be under my invisa-tree.

* A Nikon D3100. Oh man. I've been wanting one of these for while. My goal was to have one by November 3rd, but with my job loss only a month or so before, I just couldn't make it happen. I can't wait to take photos of Baby L, for his parents.

* A Didymos Stripes Wrap in Iris. These wraps are beautiful & my little guy would be so comfy in it. They're pricey, but are versatile if you're looking for quality and longevity. For girls, they have something similar, a wrap whose pattern is called Eva.

*An iPad. #TeamApple. Nuff said?

That's all I got for this year. I want both a handgun and shotgun as well, but those are things I want to purchase on my own. I'm also asking for cash because I need new basics, like camis and tee shirts.

I'm adding more things. This post bas been live for fifteen hours.
*Adobe Photoshop CS6.
*Two fonts from Emily Lime Design. Bombshell Pro & Carolyna Black.

Okay, I'm done for real now. (:


Courtney Cakes said...

We need to figure out a way to get those Nikon cameras. :)

Elise Michele said...

Right? I was approached with a proposition, which would allow it to be given to me.
Just gotta make sure I can make it happen financially. ;)