Friday's Letters

Late because I chose to watch Harry Potter movies on HBO, rather than blog during nap time today. But hey, at least I have more to write about now. ;)

Dear Traffic & Construction- You made me AN HOUR late for babysitting Thankfully she was okay with it and didn't really need to be somewhere at a certain time. And? I gave myself an hour to get here. Typically more than enough time. Meaning it took me two hours to get about 45 miles.  Holy hell.

Dear Weekend- Go by fast, mkay? Tell your buddy (next week) to go by fast too. I want to work again already (the week of the 17th). Can't wait to start full time on January 2nd, then I get to see my Bebe every week! That makes me so happy! (:

Dear Developmental Leap- Thanks for being over. It's exciting to see L find his feet, try to roll over, and ohmygosh be so vocal. I can't wait until he masters rolling for real. Buuut? Then comes baby proofing. Ah! Side note: I'm stoked for next summer and spending it with L. Working in a beach city is going to be sa-weeet!

Dear People Who Honk Excessively- You make me nervous. As if being in a pretty major car accident six months ago didn't make me drive grandma enough. Just lay on your horn if you want me to show waaay down. It makes me think someone is going to hit me or someone else. Hayl no.


Phew, now that that's off my chest. (: 
Happy Weekend! 

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