Life Stuff.

Real life gets away from me, sometimes! This is what's been happening...

I registered for school. I'm super excited to get back into the swing of things, educationally speaking. I took a much needed break over the fall semester and I'm ready and motivated to start "fresh". I'm only taking one class, but I'm still excited. It's also the first class I'm taking with Joshua, so I'm excited to see how we'll feed off of each other and use our different study strategies to help each other.

I'm going to a mini conference geared toward natural parenting in January! It's called MommyCon and is being put on by the lovely ladies at TMD (one of my favorite blogs). They're having some awesome speakers and giveaways, along with some vendor booths. I can't wait to see what they have in store for us & tell you all about it. Eeek!

I haven't even started Christmas shopping, and I'm not sure that Josh and I are shopping for anyone but each other. This year has been a harder year for us both financially, and we just can't swing it. We might be doing baked goods or homemade items, but we haven't decided yet. Joshua is getting two parts for his gun, he's picking them out and knows he's getting them so I'm allowed to say. (: He's in the process of building an AR, before they're made illegal.

I have this week off work, and it sucks. I'm a workaholic because I love my job. I also got an email out of the blue about a temporary night nanny position, asking me if I was interested. I could definitely use the money right now, so of course I said yes! I'm kind of freaking out about it, but am excited at the same time. We will see. 

What going on in your life? Anything that needs jotting down?

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