Project Pinterest; Vol I.

I like link ups, so I hope you do too.

I decided to participate in this link-up because I thought it was a fantastic way to actually try things that I had been pinning on my Pinterest boards. Admit it, we're all guilty of pinning a bunch of cute things we are totally gonna try! ...as soon as we get around to it. I've had DIYs on my boards since the beginning of my Pinterest existence. I'm stoked to finally get around to them! (:

So here we go...
My inspiration came from this pin. I recently bought a few Bath and Body Works 3-wick candles during their two for $20 sale and had finished one of them when I got home tonight. This post is happening on a whim, but I'm glad I get to participate.

First, I put my candle in the freezer. I didn't time it, but I don't think it was even an hour. When I pulled it out, the wax was already cracked. Then, I used a butter knife to further crack the wax and remove it from the jar. 

After I removed the wax, I realized the wicks were STUCK to the bottom. I decided to use a cheap pair of scissors to scrape them off just in case I broke the scissors. ;) Not kidding when I said those bad boys were stuck. 

According to the directions linked to the pin, there are an array of liquids that can remove the wax residue.  I used Olive Oil just because it was the first thing I could find. I just soaked a paper towel and wiped the entire inside of the jar a few times over. Not only did it remove the left over wax, but also the soot from burning the candle. 

After that, I washed the jar with dish soap (stickers still on). The barcode sticker on the bottom was easily removed with just water,  and the residue came off easily when I used soap. The scent sticker on the side started peeling away during the washing the process and left no visible residue. 

& ta-daa! The end product. Definitely a success and I will continue doing this with all the candles I finish burning. Upcycling for the win. 

To link up with AP for Project Pinterest, click here. I would put her little button/link thing instead, but I can't figure out how to do it. I'm not quite that skilled yet. I'm workin' on it. 



Melissa said...

I would LOVE it if you'd link up to The Pinspiration Project!!! http://bit.ly/QFDE36

Ashley Paige said...

this is SO cute! thanks for linking up! my husband made me throw out all of our mostly-burned candles and now that i've seen this.. i so wish he didn't! ha, now i have an excuse to hold onto them!! hope you're having a great week!