Project Pinterest; Vol. III

I had a hard time deciding what to do for this weeks project. 
Originally, I was going to try to replicate these curls. They look super cute on her and I normally wear my hair flat ironed or natural. I was trying to mix it up. 

I curled my hair the only way I know how, with a curling wand similar to this one. It turned out funny looking and I forgot to take pictures immediately afterward. Fail on my part. 

In order to try to redeem myself for this week I quickly pinned some nail designs that I thought were cute and easy enough for me to manage. People who know me in real life, know that I've had acrylic nails on and off (mostly on) since I was eighteen. I just got them taken off again...

Not gonna lie, I only did one hand because 1) I'm severely left-handed, me painting my own left hand semi-neatly is pretty much impossible. 2) I pick at nail polish on my finger nails and it would've been gone by tomorrow anyway. I'm just saving myself the trouble. 

This was my "pinspiration". I think it turned out well, but could've turned out awesome if I had tried harder, actually planned on keeping the polish on, and didn't have such fugly nails right now. The polishes I used were: Essie's Turquoise & Caicos & Mint Candy Apple, and OPI's Black Onyx. For a top coat, I used Essie's Super Duper Top Coat. 

I'm gonna go take off this polish now. ;)


Sarah said...

just found you from i love you more than carrots- i've tried this before and yours turned out way better than mine! i could not keep that scotch tape in place to save my life. and i toally hear you on picking at your nail polish!!

Elise Michele said...

Hi Sarah! (: thanks for commenting! I actually had the opposite problem with the scotch tape, it was taking the polish off with it & since my nails were so brittle at the time it hurt!