Friday's Letters

Dearest J- I'm glad to have you to myself this weekend. I'm sure we'll figure out something awesome to do, even though the only thing I know we're doing for sure is going on a date tonight. I want to go shooting (a girls gotta blow off some steam, right?), so hopefully we'll get to do that on Saturday. I was trying to upload a video that was taken the last time we went shooting on the last three rounds I had left where I was "pulling" for myself and hit all three clays. I feel badass 'bout it. ;) Obviously YouTube didn't want me sharing my awesomeness with you.

Dear Work Force- I'd love to be friends with you again. As in, you know...WORK. I'm getting bored up in hurr. It also sucks being broke. Not feelin' too productive right now y'all. Working is a huge part of my life that I LOVE, and I feel so productive just by doing my job. Two best work related quotes ever? "If you're doing what you love, you'll never work a day in your life." & "I work because I love this shit." I really do feel bad for those people out their that hate their jobs/careers. I wouldn't trade mine for the world. 

Dear SoCal Weather- The fact that the mercury keeps rising doesn't make me happy. Let's keep it below 75*, mmkay? Think boots and hoodies. 


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