Common Winter Carseat Mistakes

First off, I have to stay I have absolutely no problems following these guidelines. I live in Southern California, where the daytime low in the city I work in is over 40* F and typically happens in January... definitely warm for some places on the planet. I brought up these rules on Twitter, where some of the girls are from Winnipeg, obviously a huge difference in climate.

Don't get me wrong, I know its freezing there. I know that snow on the ground six months out of the year is normal. But really, really don't think that following these guidelines in impossible. A huge hassle and terribly inconvenient, yes; but not impossible.

1. No thick or puffy coats. Layer clothing instead. A long sleeved shirt and polar fleece jacket should be sufficient when transferring an infant or child from house to car and back again. Add a blanket during transfer for added warmth, if needed. If it's really cold where you live- warm up the car ahead of time if possible. Heavy jackets become compressed under the straps in a crash and can even cause the child to become ejected from the seat. In the event of a crash, the harness would be like the "Coat Off" photo, loose and essentially useless. A proper fit of the harness is absolutely crucial in the event of a crash. Period.

2. Carseat bunting should never interfere with the harness system of the carseat or go behind your child in anyway. There are carseat covers the have elasticized edges that fit the seat like a shower cap, like the JJ Cole Car Seat Cover

Spring is on the horizon, but for the remainder of winter, be safe & warm. 

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