5 for Five


I'm just going to call this the week of fails. 

1. Read at least one hundred pages of my selected reading book for class. Decided to switch books, as I just couldn't get into the first one I picked.

2. Awesome craft project. I didn't have time! Urgh. 

3. Five scheduled blog posts. My Dashboard currently has five drafts and one scheduled post in it. So there are a lot things coming, but only one post that is complete and ready to go.

4. Take donation stuff to the Salvation Army.

5. Buy printer ink. I still didn't buy any, I've been printing what I need to at work.

1. Up my water intake, again. I want to fill my Life Factory Water Bottle three times everyday for a total of 48oz. I haven't been drinking an extreme amount of soda, so my overall liquid intake is waaay low. 

2. Finish my library book (Gone by Michael Grant). 

3. Read one hundred e-book pages of my new selected reading book for class.

4. Mail my snail mail! I have letters to write and mail for like five people. I need to get on this. I have stamps and a post office within walking distance of my work. Seriously, there are no excuses. I love letters!

5. Babywear every day I work. I have a woven wrap and wrap conversion that are on their way to me right now! I'm super freaking excited and I just want to wear all the babies. :)

What are your goals for this week? 


Julie said...

I have so much that I need to mail too, and the post office is almost next store to my house, but I just haven't done it yet!

PS - thank you for the sweet thank you card from the swap (see kept forgetting to tell you that until now - busy busy bee!)

Anonymous said...

HOW IN THE WORLD does anyone have time to write blog posts in advance? I'm lucky to write one a week haha

Elise Michele said...

Hahaha. To be fair, I get about four hours during the day (broken up, of course) to pick up, do homework, read/write blog posts, and relax while I'm at work. I have two scheduled posts and another three in draft.