5 for Five

Last week was actually an okay week, and I'm semi proud of myself. For some reason, I always focus on goals I think I put on this list, but didn't. Lesson? Write them in my planner, so I don't forget!


1. Up my water intake. Nope, I misplaced my water bottle for four days of the week. Where was it? In my car, like anything else I lose.

2. Finish my library book. I read about 75 more pages...

3. Read 100 pages of my e-book for school. Yaaay! I'm on page 316/5,088. Remember, e-book...

4. Mail snail mail. By the time you read this, everything will be in the email. Counting this as a win, even if I have to stop on my way to work. :)

5. Babywear every work day. Now, now. I skipped a day at work, BUT I wore a baby yesterday. It counts in my book.

Three out of five? Not too shabby, my friends. I'll take it.

1. Up my water, for real. I found and washed my water bottle. Same number of fill-ups (3) as last week's goal.

2. Schedule weekly play dates for L & monthly girls night for me. I spent Saturday night with my two best local (vs. long distance) friends and their babies and some other ladies we know, it was awesome.

3. Schedule academic counselor appointment for this week, if possible! I want to become a board certified Lactation Consultant, while also getting my AA in Child Development. Need help figuring out the next few semesters so I can get accepted into a program.

4. Read 300 pages of my school book.

5. Finish and schedule all the posts in draft. There are three, at this moment.

Happy Monday! What are your goals this week?

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