P's Video Monitor: A Review

After coming into work one morning, my boss described to me the horror that was finding P screaming in terror in the hallway after he'd had an accident. 

Their monitor had gone out. 
I was immediately sent to Babies R Us and was told to buy the best monitor I could. Given the lack of time, I stood in the store for a good forty-five minutes trying to look up reviews on all the different options. There were a few that I liked but that didn't get good reviews, such as this one. In the end, I decided on the Summer Infant Privacy Plus Series Touch Plus Digital Color Video Monitor. I also picked up the Summer Infant Baby Touch Plus Power Pack, as we would need one charger in the master bedroom, as well as one for the kitchen/my room. 

All set up! So simple.

I got it home and installation was a breeze. Took everything out of the box, plugged in the camera, synced it with the monitor, and that was it. SO EASY. 
I love the pan and tilt feature and that I can zoom in and out by controls on the monitor. It also comes equipped with a microphone. I'm assuming that it would normally be used to 'virtually' soothe a baby, but I use it to tell P that he needs to lay down and go to sleep. You know, preschooler issues. ;)

It works well for our needs, BUT I have noticed that it doesn't charge all the way and sometimes loses connection, especially when it's near my computer. I don't know if its an interference issue or what...
It always regains connection right away but I fear that one day the monitor will lose connection while I'm asleep, P will wake up, and I won't hear him. 

Now that we've had this monitor for a decent amount of time, I would have to say that if it was my money being spent on the product, I wouldn't repurchase it. But alas, it is not. If I had it my way, I would have done THIS. I think it's a genius idea and actually talked to Emily {her blog} about how it works. She still uses it and has never had any problems.


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