Friday's Letters; 9.21.2012

Dear Boyfriend: I hope we get some time together this weekend. Things are busy on my end, and I'm pretty sure you're helping your mom with something. Lots of the movies we want to see are coming out today, hopefully we'll get to see one on Sunday. I want to see Looper the most and I'm pretty sure you'll say yes. (:

Dear Kimberly and Lauren: Thank you for blessing the world with your beautiful babies! Although B is almost two (HOLY EFF) I still remember him as a squishy newborn back in 2010 and am proud of the little dude you've raised him to be. Lauren, you had L with no epidural and fought it when they tried to make you have one. Being the crunchy person I am, I am SO proud of you for that. You're going to be a wonderful mama. I love all four of you so much!

Dear Job Interview: (that's tomorrow) Please let them like me and hire me! I want this one SO bad. I think I pretty much say that about every job but I really do want this one the most. Everything about it is perfect for me, my personality and my circumstances. I was compromising something in all of the rest of the interviews I've been on. This one is perfect for me in every way!

Dear Aden + Anais: Can you please have a sale? I'm just not willing to pay $50 for 3 muslin swaddle blankets, even though the prints I want are SO cute. I also don't think it's fair that your really cute prints cost more on your website or at BRU. Please stop giving the Target line less cute prints.

Dear Fall: Please get to California asap. I painted my toes black for you. I'm ready to wear jeans and not sweat like a horse (because pigs don't sweat).

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PS- I just blogged two days in a row. Are you impressed yet?

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