When Things Change...

Things are changing on my end of the computer screen. The job I have been working at for a mere two months is also making some large, and quick changes to their family.

They have decided to put P in school full-time. He is struggling socially. I see it everyday.
Whenever we go to the park or pool and the other children don't want to play with him because they don't know him and already have other friends, it breaks his heart. I see it in his eyes.
He doesn't even know the names of the kids in his class because he's not as school often enough to learn them.

I'm not mad. I can't be.
I know they are doing the right thing for him.

This means that there is no need for me in their new dynamic. My last day is September 20th. They gave me plenty of notice and I already been looking for something else. I've had an interview. I'm sure if they google my name this blog will pop up and they'll read through my posts. [heey y'all (:]

Just wanted to fill you in.


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