Friday's Letters

Howdy folks! (:

Pretend it's still Friday. My day consisted of an interview, a four hour pain induced nap, getting my nails & eyebrows done, and a date with J. From now on, my Friday posts will consist of Friday's Letters, a link-up with Ashley over at Adventures of Newlyweds.

Dear Parents Looking For Nannies; please take into consideration the nannies that you decide not to hire. Please remember that they're probably jobless and need something as soon as possible. If you could let them know that you hired someone, even if it wasn't them, that'd be great. No one likes to be left hanging. Right?
Dear J; Thank you for our out of the ordinary date night. Skipping the movies for something new was FUN. Take note that I will master "Extreme Hunting" one day...and be better than you. (:
Dear Friends; I love y'all. I love that Key is texting me accounts of her night out as I write this blog post. I can't wait to visit you and meet Mel and Gus and Sissy. I'm so excited and we haven't even planned my trip yet.
Dear Summer Sun; I'm spending the day at Pharaoh's Water Park tomorrow. Even though my skin will be protected, if I forget to re-apply, be kind to my skin. Remember, "tan not burn". Mmkay? I'll be the only in the lazy river. I don't do water slides.

Head on over to Ashley's link (above) and add your info to the list. If you have Instagram, take a picture of your post and tag it #fridaysletters, so we can connect there, too.

Happy Weekend! Stay safe. Don't do anything I wouldn't do! 

EV is over & out. 


Lissa @ The Looking Glass said...

ooo pharoah's water park sounds fun! found you via the link up xo

Kate said...

I hate when parents don't tell you if they hired someone else. When I was interviewing I always emailed the family to let them know the job wasn't right/I was accepting another position.

Have fun in the lazy river! My favorite

*Keyk* said...

Love you Super 2!
We cannot wait for you to visit either, but beware... we win people over so fast and you will not want to leave. So bring J. <3