Since I've Been Gone.

I've been gone a while. Y'all want a recap of whats happened since my last post? Not counting the one from yesterday.
1. I got a job.
2. I went to the International Nanny Conference in Las Vegas.
3. I quit my job.
4. I interviewed for another job, two weeks ago.
5. ...and another, yesterday.
6. Spied on my angry neighbor, last night. 

Ha. Things you might ask...

You finally got a job, why'd you quit so soon?
In short, parental views didn't match in any way & I thought it be best for me to bow out and let them find what they were real looking for in a Nanny.

You went to the INA Conference? Was it like a giant Nanny party?
Erm, no. I learned A TON, and have the notes to prove it. I got to meet my closest Nanny friend, Keyanna, as well as Sue Downey! Both are amazing ladies & I can't wait to see them in October at NannyPalooza! 

Why are you such a nosey neighbor?
His windows are open, as are mine. If you don't want me to spy on you through my kitchen window, don't yell so loud...or close your windows so I can't hear you. Just sayin'. 

Any Q's? Ask away! 

1 comment:

Keyanna said...

I love you! October will come quickly & we will have a blast in Philly!!!!!