No Pharaoh's- Say What?

Alas, we did not end up going to Pharaoh's Water Park as originally planned. Sometimes the opportunity for over-time work comes up and lets face it, I don't know anyone who would say no to extra money.

Instead, being the native Southern Californian's we are...
We took advantage of the fact that my dad works for Walt Disney Company...
& went to California Adventure! :o) Behold, pictures from our day.
First thing we do when we get there? Ice cream. My man has a deep love of all things chocolate.

Why yes, I do know where the cameras are on all the rides. ;)

Then we draw characters. The only one of mine worthy enough for public viewing...

*Please excuse my lack of editing and all that jazz. I don't have a real camera or photo editing software. It's a work in progress. I can't use Photoshop for crap and don't know what else is out there.

We did spent nine hours walking around in the sun, so I did end up with a bit of a sunglass tan. That picture is on Instagram. I'll save you the repost, tab is above! (: Also, y'all forgot to bust my ass for forgetting Seven Questions Sunday. I'm trying to get onto some kind of schedule, but don't want to overwhelm myself when I start working again. I don't know how much will be too much to handle with working 45-50 hours a week starting hopefully in the near future!


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