5 for Five: Week 2

I'm back for this weeks round of 5 for Five. A little late, but such is life. Yesterday we celebrated Christmas with my mom, rounding out our holiday celebrations. We don't really have anything planned for NYE tomorrow and I think it will be the first year I'm not either working or on call in four years. 

1 // Send out my last round of Christmas cards. 
2 // Finish in schedule posts for this week. 
3 // Put together E's infant vehicle emergency kit.
4 // Update my EC with my work appointments, etc. 
5 // Edit Bryce's birthday photos. 

Only one out of five for the week. I have a bunch of posts in Draft and I'm in the middle of a Blogger to Wordpress transfer (gasp!). I still have a few more days off to get everything done. :) Tomorrow definitely needs to be a productive day in order to get everything done. I definitely slept in today. Oops!

Josh and I were supposed to go to Disneyland with my family this Sunday, but that's been postponed. No fun! But we're taking BFF out to dinner this week. I love spending time with her! 

1 // Spend all my gift cards. :)  
2 // Post WCMT to eBay or Spot's Corner. 
3 // Deep clean my room. It's a mess from all my Christmas gifts!
4 // Finish reading Insurgent. Omg, such a fantastic series! 
5 // Have no posts in draft before my transfer. 

Would you still send out a few Christmas cards even though the holidays are over? I'm undecided on what to do, but I know they'd all love to hear from us!

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Ashley {Life on the Parsons Farm} said...

I'm sending out my cards today!!