Nothing. Nil. Nada.

Still no job, kids. 
I'm am super fucking SO irritated! I know, I know. 
I haven't even been out of a job for two weeks yet, but I NEED something. I've gotten tiny baby nibbles on all my ads, but I still have nothing. 

I have an un-godly amount of bills for being twenty-one years old. A few of which are due in like two weeks. My internet bill is past due. 
I'm struggling. Like I've never struggled before. I have money, but it has to go towards things like gas for the financed 2007 Mazda 3 that sits in the driveway. 

I'm going to meet with an agency tomorrow and I signed up for another on-line thingy that connects nannies and families. Both highly reputable. Promise!

On an awesome note, I have a guest spot on my friend Aislin's blog on Saturday.
Check it out, here

Keep you updated.

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