Wednesday Blurbs...

I really need to start cooking for myself. At the present moment in time, I eat at least 1 Lean Cuisine a day...if I'm really hungry after I get out of class, I'll have another one. I KNOW how to cook. I have a crock pot and make a mean Salsa Chicken, recipe found here. I like to cook too! Maybe it's just something I need to work on. 
I wonder if when I get my new job, since I'll be watching babies (not toddlers and kids), if my car will stay cleaner for longer. Right now, there are two sippys, a swim/ gymnastics bag, and ALOT of crumbs on my seats. I've come to the point where I don't bother vacuuming out my car because I know it will be just as dirty as before, in about three days. I'm going to clean out my car before I start my new job and see how clean it can stay and for how long. I'll be sure to report back. 
My room is really dirty right now. I probably should've cleaned it today since I didn't have to work, but I didn't. I watched a talk show where Tim Gunn told me a little black dress was a necessity in my wardrobe. Ha! That's funny. I live and breathe yoga pants and leggings. 

That's all for now folks.

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