that excited me.
1. All thing "country". Rodeos, bullriding, country music, line dancing, horses and livestock, etc. Yepp, I totally don't belong in Orange County, CA.
2. Organization. Okay, i'll totally admit that my room is a disaster. There is a stack of papers that I need to file away as well as a stack of books I need to either mail back to Chegg or sell to a used book store. But you all know about my Erin Condren purchase, which I should be receiving ANY day now. I'm so excited! I've also put a closet organizer on my Christmas list.
3. All thing fun-fetti! Seriously. Best cake/cookie/cupcake flavor EVER. I could eat them until my belly aches.
4. Baby/toddler stuff. With all the cool carseats. strollers and new gadgets out there I can't get enough. I also have a Graco Nautilus (carseat), Veggie Tales CDs, and a Carters diaper bag (Giraffe print) on my "Christmas List That's Not for Me!" list...

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