Christmas Time is Here

Today, all whilst trying to patiently wait for my Erin Condren (check her stuff out, here) planner to be shipped, I have been planning the holiday season. As of right now I know the following things...our plans for Thanksgiving, what I want, what I'm making for Joshua, what I would like to get for various people in our families. I also know the dates and times of various parties that we need to attend.
One thing I'm thankful for; that Joshua reads slowly and that I can speed read (: I left my Stickies app open on my computer with my to-do list on it...he started reading it. Then, I noticed and covered my screen. QUICK STATUS. This all happened in an urgent form because, on that to-do list, is the ordering of the supplies I need to make his gift. Everything is from a VERY specific website. He would've known and I would have been disappointed. SO, thank God for my fast reading skills.
One thing I realized today, men don't plan ahead. I was trying to ask Joshua what he wanted to get a few people, including both his brothers, for Christmas. His reaction: I dunno, I don't even know what I'm gonna get for people. Then I came to the rescue. Me (something along the lines of): I've thought about it. How about you just help pay for stuff and before I buy anything I'll make sure you like it, too. Him: Okay. Sounds good.
**I am happy with this reaction. I like the giving part of Christmas because I like to pick out things I think people will like. It's my favorite part. <3**

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