First Post in 20 Days!

Holy cow, I can't believe I haven't posted in that long.
New things?

1. It's almost christmas (: less than 20 days! Joshua and I decided on a crayon wallet for his sister as well, we decided on one with her first initial on it. Its Hello Kitty with a big yellow M on it. She'll love it.
Joshua's gift is on hold at the moment, as I was working at my dads house and they're having a party this weekend so they need the table. I get to resume next week. I also bought him a little somethin'-somethin' extra too. I couldn't help it (thank you, Pinterest). I also have to fill his stocking for less than $15.

2. My final is on Tuesday. I'm shitting balls, no lie. Its worth 200 points. I also have a 50 point paper due the same day.

3. I'm making an effort to get healthy and fit. I have a hard time staying motivated but I'm determined this time. I want to be toned. I went to the gym yesterday and today for over an hour each time. Tomorrow CJ and I will be taking a trip to the park to play and I will be hitting the gym after work, if get off at a decent time. Even after two days, Josh has already said he needs to start working out too. I'm excited. I want this to be a journey we take together.

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