The Craziest Saturday

Wow! Long time, no talk- eh?
I guess I needed some inspiration. Well, today I got what I ask for, even though I wish I hadn't. Because it was the craziest, most interesting and eventful day, ever. Like EVER. Add in a dash of scary and scarring, and there you go. My day.

L will be a year old on Wednesday. So, naturally, his parents threw his party this weekend at a local park. It was awesome! There was awesome food, and we got to hang out and celebrate L. Well, said park is also dog friendly, so long as the dog is leashed. My bosses have a dog, his name is Beckett, he's about 16lbs and he was their first baby. He will be six later this month. We almost always keep him leashed outside the house, the exception being to let him outside to pee or if I'm going to get something from my car. Obviously he was leashed while we were at the park.

A little while before we were going to let L dig into a cupcake, another family came into the park with their large dog, also leashed. All was well. Their kid was playing, we were hanging out, all that jazz. Fast forward ten minutes. We put L in his Bumbo and give him a cupcake. Literally two seconds after we put the cupcake on his tray, we hear yelling, yelping and growling coming from behind us.

The other dog that was there snapped it's leash, and attacked Beckett, with the intention of killing him. Going for his neck, snarling, the whole nine yards. After the longest, and scariest 20ish seconds of my life, they separated the two dogs. It literally took seven people to peel that dog off Beckett, most of whom were grown men. That's how intense and aggressive the whole situation was.


After it was over, the other dog's owner was incredibly rude about the entire situation. Not only that, but she didn't leave the park immediately. Like, are you shitting me? Anywho, we are all very blessed that Beckett (and everyone involved) is okay, for the most part. Beckett had no broken skin and was acting normal, albeit nervous, after the ordeal was over. My boss' mom got scratched by the other dog. I'm sure there will be several people and one pup who will be very sore tomorrow.

After it was over, J told me that the leash the dog was on was not thick enough for a dog of that weight. His words were something along the lines of 'the two dog's leashes should've been switched, Beckett could've used that one'. Yeah, mhm.

That my friends, is what I call an irresponsible pet owner. To not have proper supplies? Oh hayl no. I'm sure I'm not the only one who was there who is scarred from that event, including Beckett. We will see how he reacts to large dogs in the future. After he's had time to heal, mentally and physically.

After that, L devoured a cupcake and took a nap.
Oh, the life.

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