MommyCon Adventure!

First? Go get yourself some hot cocoa and popcorn, make yourself comfy.
This is going to be a long one. Ready? Continue on, now.

This adventure started on Thursday afternoon, after I got off work around 4:30p. Both my mom and I we're packed and ready to go, and I had picked her up earlier in the day (with permission from my bosses, of course). So we left, and hit the road at 4:30p. Well, by the time we had gotten thirty-ish miles into our road trip, I had to pee. Now, I live thirty miles from work. The place where we stopped so I could go? Like six miles from my house. There was a little bit of traffic and I thought I was going to pee myself. No freakin' joke. That was event numero uno.

Driving along, we were...
Got gas and snack in Barstow, CA. A smallish town where EVERYONE stops to eat, pee, or get gas if they're on their way out of Southern California.
Got back on the freeway. Then...

Not three miles from the on ramp, we ran over something on the freeway. Based on the evidence, it was huge. But neither my mom nor I saw it. We got a flat tire. See that red rectangle? That's a gash in my tire. Whatever made it also dented my wheel/rim.
After pulling over, I got everything else and got ready to put on the spare myself. If you've stalked browsed some of my older posts, you know I can do this myself without the blink of an eye. I learned in Girl Scouts and hate waiting for AAA to do it for me. But, I couldn't get the lug nuts off. So I had to wait. Which annoyed me. Luckily it didn't take that long, even though we were in BFE. AAA dude put on spare tire and off we go. We got to the hotel an later than planned, around 12:30a.

We check in. They give us our room keys. We go to our room, and the keys didn't work. Oh hell no. aAfter multiple attempts we go back down to the lobby to fix our situation. The clerk wrote down the wrong room number, by one stinkin' digit. Awesome. 

So they fix it, gave us a $50 food credit, gave us new keys, yada yada. We go upstairs, to the 22nd floor and to the end of a long hallway, get to the correct room. Open the door and get hit with the smell of weed like a ton of bricks. OH HELL NO. I walked in and there is chewing gum stuck to the ceiling above my bed. Are you freaking kidding me? My mom tried to call the front desk three different times and gets put on hold for at least ten minutes each time. The last time, someone hangs up on the other end after she was transfered to the manager. Fuming....

I went to the front desk and told them to FIX. IT. NOW. Know what the clerk told me, "I'm sorry ma'am, we don't normally do room changes this late..." It was about 1:30a. Luckily he redeemed himself with "But I'll have you talk to the manager about your situation." Good.

We go a new, smell free room. I ordered a quesadilla from room service & hunkered down to get about five hours of sleep before I had to get up and take my car into a tire shop the next morning after I registered. I'm just glad that went smoothly. 

The guy at the tire shop made me laugh though. We pull up and I told him I got a flat. So he goes to check everything out. Apparently he thought they would be able to "fix" the hole in my tire and came back in the waiting room telling me that they couldn't fix it and that I would need a new tire. I wanted to burst out laughing. Uh, duh. The thing went flat in less than a minute and the hole was big enough for me to put my fist through it. 
After that ordeal, I got to meet the girls from TMD and bought a wrap from Emily. Everyone was super nice and helpful. I will definitely be going back next year! I learned a ton and between my mom and I, we went to almost every seminar they had. (: I'd definitely recommend taking a spouse or friend so you can split up.

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