All In a Weekend...

After weeks of our date nights consisting of going to car dealerships, and us being stressed beyond belief about my (lack of vehicle) situation...

I bought a car!
It's a 2012 Honda CR-V LX.
We were going to buy a 2011, but went to the new car section of the dealership and realized the sticker price was only about $1,500 more for a brand new one. That was an immediate yes.
I drove it off the lot on Saturday, June 7th. It had 83 miles on it.
J also bought a new truck on Sunday. If either of us purchase cars within the next seven years, someone please shake us.

This are pretty chaotic at work right now. It's 2:47 on 7.12 and P has been asleep for 27 minutes. In the house at this moment are: the handyman, MB's sister (who is helping them unpack), the exercise equipment people (two guys), The Parent's (M/DB), me, P, and Lizzy (the dog). The dryer repair man just left. We toured P's school this morning, are going back for a visit tomorrow, and he starts on Monday! There is also Salsa Chicken cooking in their slow cooker, prepped and started by yours truly.

The neighbors just came over with goodies to introduce themselves. I love this area because everyone is so warm and welcoming! Their plate of goodies had an Erin Condren sticker on it, which instantly made me happy (: I received my 2012-2013 planner yesterday, and I luuuurve it. Review? You got it!


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