It's After Christmas...

And yet another 20 days has passed. My Christmas was, although busy, was fantastic and fun. I got many fantastic gifts, for which I am thankful; even though my favorite part is picking and choosing for every member of Josh and I's families. I love walking into a store, going back on your memory and trying to think of all the things that person likes or enjoys doing. (:

Our festivities began on December 23rd, with my Dad's celebration/get-together thingy. We ate dinner, opened gifts, and had desert...BIRTHDAY CAKE! We always reading from the Bible and sing Happy Birthday to Jesus. That's my favorite part. This year, I participated in the singing, reading, and gift opening; but not the eating...well, I had some bread. But, I don't know if that counts. Long story, short: I got the stomach flu. Not like, Oh I Puked Twice Now I Think I'm Okay, stomach flu. I had the, I'm Puking Up Anything & Everything In My Stomach Plus Some, stomach flu...intense stomach pains included. Needless to say, I ended up in the hospital at 4am on Friday (THE 23rd). Mostly because of the pain. They gave me anti-vomit and pain killing meds as well as fluid through an IV. I came home and slept from 6a-3p. I was tired. Josh got lots of gift cards, and I got new TOMS to add to my growing collection.

Theen, we drove to Joshua's moms. Spent the night. Went to ANOTHER family party. Stayed way too late, came home and went to sleep! Good thing we hit the sack early, because Megan woke us up at 6:30am! Oh, my dear five-year-old; we are still SO tired from last night. Anyway, we opened our gifts (New down comforter for me. Remote control helicopter thing for Joshua.) and I went back to sleep. Remember! I'm recovering from the flu! My body is tired and I still have no appetite.
Around one o'clock on Christmas Day, we left his moms and came back here to celebrate with his Dad's side of the family. We hit Christmas traffic. All you people driving from Orange County to LA...YOU CRAZY! Pretty much, lots of cute babies and crazy (in a good way!) family members, my momma included. Josh got a camel pack, neck guard, and chest protecter for when he rides. I got a handmade Saint's (like the NFL team) throw blanket. Together, from ALL Christmases we ended up with 5 resturant gift cards, mostly Red Robin (Yuuuumm! Our favorite place!) and pairs of movie tickets.

I gave Joshua a scrapbook of our first year together. It's unfinished because "as long as we're together it will always be a work in progress" (: There are blank pages at the back. I also wrote on a coffee mug for him to take to work. Its bangin'. He also got a MM t-shirt in his stocking.
From him, I got new Uggs *celebration dance goes here*, and a total of three new MM shirts; one was in my stocking. T'was a good Christmas. <3

Christmas at his dad's house. We're both wearing new MM shirts. (:

That Christmas party that we stayed at too late? This was taken, there. 
Don't ask me about my New Year's Resolutions. I haven't decided.

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