Thirty By Thirty

Goals I hope to have accomplished by the time I turn 30, on August 29, 2020.
Strike Through indicates the item is complete.
Italics means that bad boy is In Progress.

1. Get engaged.
2. Get married.
3. Start a family.
4. Buy a house.
5. Buy the dog of my dreams.
6. Photograph my friends and family.
7. Parent naturally.

8. Go on a mission's trip to a foreign country.
9. Read 200 NEW books, thats 25 a year. (4/200)
10. Volunteer.
11. Invest in Adobe Lightroom.
12. Buy a Nikon D3100.
13. Get as close to a perfect credit score as possible. 
14. Buy a Benelli M2 Automatic Shotgun and a Beretta Px4 Storm.
15. Get my concealed weapons license.

16. Go to Turks & Caicos, Washington DC when it's cold, and Mt. Rushmore.
17. Go to the Iron Bowl and have good seats! #WarEagle ;)
18. Watch the Saints play.

19. Get fit.
20. Be dedicated to eating Paleo.
21. Run a 5K every year starting in 2013. 

22. Get my AA in Child Development and my AS in Animal Science.
23. Become a Internationally Board Certified Lactation Consultant (IBCLC).

24. Work for a family for more than three years.
25. Turn Nanny Mafia into a scholarship fund.
26. Go to Nannypalooza, INA, and MommyCon as often as possible.
27. Become a Nationally Certified CPST.
28. Get my Advanced Newborn Care Specialist certification through NCSA.

Just Because
29. Buy myself a pair of Frye boots.
30. Build something.


Kristen Alexis said...

I love this idea!!! Where did you get this idea from?? If you don't mind, may I do this as well. I love challenges and goal type things. This is totally up my alley!! BTW-I think you'll definitely be able to do all 30!! xoxo!

Elise Michele said...

Go ahead! (: It's just a list of 30 things I want to accomplish before I turn 30. I found it on a few other blogs, so decided to make up my own list. Can't wait to see yours!

Sarah said...

I LOVE Mt. Rushmore/ the Black Hills area. I am originally from SD and so if you ever go I have a ton of suggestions for you.