Nanny Life: Disaster Preparedness.

I love Mondays and the excitement they hold! Just kidding. My Monday, Wednesday and Friday mornings usually consist of running errands for the bosses while P is in school. Awesome! I love errands and shopping...kind of exciting. This morning, though, I'm stuck at the house with the handyman. At least he's cool and doesn't smell.

BUT I have a shopping list a mile long and I'm ready and organized to tackle it. My momma boss sent me an email last night asking me to put together a Disaster Preparedness Kit and five, yes you read that right, FIVE emergency kits. We will have kits for each car (mom, dad, me), one for the Disaster Kit, and one to have on hand for everyday boo-boos. I have also asked for two copies of P's medical insurance card, one for me to carry and one to laminate and attach to his carseat along with other emergency information, in case we ever get into a really bad accident and I can't make decisions regarding his health. We are also doing the letter of consent, saying it's okay for me to make decisions and seek medical attention on P's behalf. This is on top of the normal groceries.

After making the list I realized we have NOTHING like this at home and that in an emergency (helloo, earthquake) my Oma and I would be.SO.screwed. Definitely going to make a kit to keep at home as soon as I can. I plan on making a Vehicle Emergency Kit as well, even though my car is brand new, you can never be too careful.

I will do a follow-up post of the items my kits contain and whether or not I added anything extra, as well as what my carseat emergency tags look like once they're all said and done. Stay tuned! These bad boys should be done by the end of the week.

Are YOU ready?


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